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 2019年11月、天皇陛下の御即位を祝い、田山鐵瓶工房代表 田山和康が製作した「南部砂鉄 石割桜南部形鉄瓶」が岩手県、岩手県市長会、岩手県町村会より献上されました。














【A gift for the new emperor's enthronement.
"Nanbusatetsu Ishiwarizakura Nanbugata Tetsubin"】

In November 2019, an artisan of the Tayama Iron Kettle Studio, Kazuyasu Tayama, created a sand iron kettle and named it "Nanbusatetsu Ishiwarizakura Nanbugata Tetsubin" as a gift for Japan's new emperor to celebrate his enthronement

The Ishiwarizakura Nanbugata Tetsubin is designed with an image of cherry blossoms in mind. The tree is located in the centre of Morioka city. It was designated as a national natural treasure in Japan in 1923. (Ishi means rock. Wari means to split. Zakura(Sakura) means cherry blossom. So the meaning of Ishiwarizakura is The Rock Splitting Cherry Tree.)

The design on the kettle is enhanced by stacking up the petal patterns irregularly which expresses the gorgeousness of the cherry blossom.
There are also Arare patterns (the small balls) around the lower part (the hem) of the iron kettle to represent the Rock, and to symbolize the strength of the cherry blossom growing while splitting the rock.

【The pattern of Ishiwarizakura Nanbugata Tetsubin】

The variety of the cherry blossom depicted on the kettle is called "Edohiganzakura", which is rarer than the more common "Someiyoshino" cherry blossom.

Kazuyasu has always had an affinity for the Ishiwarizakura tree, and had been thinking that he would create the "Ishiwarizakura Nanbugata Tetsubin" long before he was asked to make it by the prefectural governor.

Although it only took about 2 months to complete the iron kettle, Kazuyasu put all of his over-50-years-knowledge and experience into it, resulting in an iron kettle that is absolutely exquisite and one-of-a-kind.

【Ishiwarizakura in the district court in Morioka city】

As a point of interest, the emperor actually visited Kazuyas' previous iron kettle studio in Morioka city about 40 years ago.

It is very impressive that Kazuyasu could have opportunity to involve in the emperor again in such a way after a few decades since then.

【The picture on the left is the emperor Naruhito.
The one on the right shows Kazuyasu working on a creation.】

Although you may never have an opportunity to see the "Nanbusatetsu Ishiwarizakura Nanbugata Tetsubin" in person, I hope you can feel the artisan's spirit and the beauty of the tetsubin from these pictures.