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【Yuzugata Tetsubin】

I will introduce "Yuzugata Tetsubin" this time.

As the name suggests, Yuzugata tetsubin is designed with the image of "Yuzu". Especially, I would like you to focus on its surface which we call "Hada" (the meaning is skin in Japanese), the Yuzu tetsubin's skin expresses exactly like Yuzu skin.

As you can tell the rough skin from the picture above, this type of skin pattern called "Yuzu Hada", which needs proficient skill to make it beautifully.

Putting Yuzu Hada on is made by a technique called "Nigiri" using a mud ball like a picture below.

【Mud ball used for putting Yuzu Hada pattern】

When I am seeing Mr. Tayama, representative of Tayama Iron Kettle Studio, is working on that process, it looks very easy, however even Mr. Tayama who has over-50years-experience, also took long time to aquire the skill.

Making Yuzu Hada on is such a difficult and delicate skill, therefore, there are hardly artisans who can make it beautifully nowadays.

The lid sinks a bit down into the body, which its shape is called "Ubaguchi", in order to make the round shape look beautifully. The knob imitates the Yuzu stem, it has a little unique design from other tetsubins.

Yuzugata tetsubin looks a bit tiny and round but the capacity of M size is 0.8L which is suitable for having a cup of tea with two to three people. There are L, M, S sizes so that you can choose the right one depends on your need.

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